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Easter Snow

If you look closely you can see the falling snowflakes.

I love the spring snow.

It falls kerplop from the sky, fat and wet, and coats everything with a layer of buttercream frosting. It conceals the ugliness of April, the dog poo, road grime and beer cans tossed carelessly into the ditch. My friends, dismayed by Easter snow, curse the sky and go grumbling about their errands. I too have been eyeing my sandals with desire. But today I don my boots and, like a kid at the first of winter, gleefully kick my way down the drive to fetch the paper.

Spring snow doesn’t last and that’s its saving grace, the reason I’m happy to see it. The flakes wet the road, settle the accumulated dust and wash it into the grass thrusting up on the verge. Spring snow is only a shadow of its grimmer self that crowded in all winter, and over-stayed its welcome. Spring snow breezes through in ephemeral beauty and then dances off with the strong, warm sun in an April pas de deux.

Hard, cold evidence of the Easter Bunny.

I look out my window to see the spruce dressed only in their lacy petticoats. The birches are heavy with melt, water dangling in crystal pendants from every red-hued twig. And next to the house, their fresh green poking through new white, the crocus are looking confused. But I know that the crocus will triumph, that their season is ascendant regardless of the unexpected blanketing. The old crumbles and the new springs forth, blooms in glory and then crumbles and dies in turn. Soon enough new snow will fall and remain again. But spring snow is only a tease, concealing, then revealing the season of rebirth.


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